Anyone else wake up too early in the morning almost every AM?

I do. And it’s a real bummer. Every morning, I wake around 400 am to 530 am. I then take my morning meds. By 830 am, the morning meds knock me out and I am tired enough to go back to bed and sleep another 4 hours. So, I get up again around 1230 pm. This routine completely wastes my whole morning. I always go to bed at around 12 midnight.

Anyone else suffer from this kind of sleep mayhem?

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I do, wake up at 2 or 4 am, then I have to nap before work, sometimes sleeping to long

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Usually I had sound sleep every night between 12-8am. But last night it was awful. I woke up around 1 am and could not fall asleep again. The I got up and took a sleep pill. The pill took effects but I got long long nightmares and was frightened during the sleep. Felt tired now.

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I usually sleep from 9p-10p then I’m up until 3a or 4a sleep a bit more then up for the day at 6a ish. Give or take.


I wake up 2-4 p.m. and it makes me sad sometimes cause I lose most of the day

I wake up very early like 6am. But during the night I will awaken at some point for about an hour. All in all I probably get 7 hours sleep I wish it was much more. Once in a blue moon I sleep for ages but have a puppy on my hands now.

On week days I wake up with mr turtle who starts work at 4.30. So I get up at 3.15 and see him off.

Then I just stay up and take my time getting ready for work.

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