Anyone else suffer from intrusive thoughts?

Ever since I was little I have always suffered from intrusive thoughts. I’m not quite sure why but they do worry me because I feel like they rule my life and that one day I may act out on them or have to see those horrible images in my head again. I dont know if this is to do with the illness itself or if it’s another one but they do make me scared.

Yes ever since meds and this illness

The brain is made to make toughts so yes

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I’ve had lots of intrusive thoughts. But also thoughts implanted in my head by the voice in my head.

Are you sure about that?

What do you mean?

If you have voices and botherd you just raise you dose

Have to wait until monday to call about my doseage. Cause i still have bad violent visions and voice telling me to do bad things but i won’t because I’m a good person. I have to fight this dark version every day.

Yes, i have intrusive thoughts, but mostly in attacks. All of a sudden my thoughts are loud and tell me bad things or that i shall do things i wouldn’t dream of doing. Its a bit like OCD.

Try not to be too worried or frightened of your thoughts, in my case it’s often make them worse.



I Never Studied On The Subject Of ‘Intrusive’ Thoughts.

I Once, Long Ago, Went Through Some Internal Problems In My Photogenic Wavelength Consciousness.

So. I Psychologically Fought Back.

With Bold Words, Like A Winning Coin Bursting Slot Machine.












And It Worked!.

Like A Message From Up Above. Showing Me That It Takes Work. To Fulfill Your Dreams.

And…, To…, Show…, Other’s…, That…, They…, Can…, Too. . . . . . .


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