Anyone else struggle with working in cubicles?


i hallucinate voices so when you hear voices all around you and whispering. It was paranoia city and very distracting. I won’t go on. I definitely wont’ go back to working in cubicles.

anyone else experience this??



My kid sis worked in a cubicle. She was doing a part time after school job at the Red Cross office. She ended up with more “Office” related injuries then she has ever had with the beach rescue team. (those boys play rough)

At Red Cross… A file cabinet fell on her, her hand got stapled in some automatic staple machine thing, she got stuck in the eye with a pencil, she had a broken toe when a huge stack of something fell on it. The printer blew up on her and she came home covered in ink, She always had paper cuts and she caught everyones cold. She was only there 3 months. I don’t think she would have lasted longer.

Cubicles seem like a fate worse then purgatory. Not fit for humans.

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Man that’s pretty bad. and that’s at a red cross!!

the corporate world is pretty cut throat i don’t think i would recommend it if you have problems with paranoia like i do.

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I could see the corporate world creating paranoia. It’s like the fashion industry, not healthy.

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I never worked in a cubicle before, I don’t like working with people around me, or anybody standing next to me while I’m sitting…on the PC or something, I feel offended and I lose my temper within minutes.
I usually work in an office where no one is with me, the door is shut, isolated from other employees, and no one enters except for emergencies, I didn’t get that privilege for many jobs I had but I prefer isolated office. I also put my headphones so I hear no one’s voice or sound, much comfortable.

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I worked at a Sprint call center in San Diego. The women next to me were gossiping how my clothing looked like it came from the goodwill. B***ches.

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How rude! And very unprofessional.

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Never had to do it, never want to either.
Believe it might have been the devils joke on earth people.



women can be nasty especially in a corporate environment. sorry you had to go through that.



My ex-friend called them ‘pubicles’.