Anyone else struggle with violent thoughts?

I do every day, it sortof comes in waves. I’ll get into potential conflicts with people in my head even though it’s really not very plausible. I wonder if I still have PTSD

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I struggle with thoughts of emotional violence, but then I realize if I actually said any of the things I thought it would be catastrophic.

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For me it’s generally thoughts of getting in a fight with my stepdad, or some random hooligan

Not sure if this qualifies, but I went through a time last fall when I was vividly imagining myself breathing bursts of fire on people, like I was a dragon. I could even feel the flames gathering in the back of my throat. It was weird and uncontrollable and lasted several weeks, but obviously utterly unrealistic.

I’ve been having homicidal thoughts. It’s been a hard two days. I may go to the hospital…

I keep a padlock on the lanyard for my keys, it’s a habit from living in california

That’s me all the time, homicidal and suicidal T_T

I don’t think I need to go to the hospital, because they’re just thoughts, I just don’t really have any control over them. Just comes in waves

I know…….… I don’t know what triggered it…

Are you a veteran?..

We don’t mean what we think sometimes. And I’m sure we all become appalled at these random thoughts of violence. Reassert yourself to be calm. I get it when I am helping my dad do work it’s over stressful and these thoughts come out. Feelings of failure hopelessness of objective. At the end of the day everybody thinks things they don’t want to think. It’s up to you to control your actions and what you say has a big impact.

It feels kindof like a pre emptive paranoid reaction to things that could happen. I get all ready for something to happen

I’m kindof a veteran, I was in boot camp for two months. I was diagnosed with PTSD after a stint of child abuse from my biological father as a kid, and things have been really tense with my stepdad recently. I’m wondering if it might have triggered a regression back to that.

I very probably had PTSD after my car accident a year ago, as well.

The only things I am struggling with at the moment are intense apathy & hollow-mindedness.

I’ve struggled with angry & violent thoughts in the past, but I’ve learned to dispell myself from them. I’m too aged to be angry or violent - stuck feeling like an old soul in a youth form.

That’s weird…

Other people be like if you tell them your “homicidal” they be ready to call the 911 on you. I mean that’s the way normal health professionals be. And responsible gun owners in this country really get a swift kick in the balls politically. Violent gun crimes done by a mentally ill person happen far less than a bunch of hoodlums robbing at gun point. I think it is a part of violent thoughts and whether your just ill or are a true criminal.

There’s actually a much stronger correlation to gun ownership and domestic abuse

I struggle w violent thoughts

I don’t know if someone can ever overcome PTSD.

I sometimes feel like I should be having violent thoughts…but then I’m sort of a pacifist but I’ve been there. I have PTSD too though my diagnosis was taken away years ago. I’ve never been the violent type though…used to break up fights not start them…the one fight I gave up on preventing was when the guy I was defending said the N-word…just threw my hands up and got out of the way…kid had his face rearranged. Feel bad…but now that word is coming out of me every time I see someone of another color…if I was as racist as the voice in me says I am would I have given up on that? No.

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