Anyone else pass out with needles?

Had to go in and get a TB test done for my dental assisting school. Out came the needle and I passed out like a light. Literally every time I’m poked I pass out, anyone else have this annoying problem?

I knew somebody who used to get faint at the sight of blood. Don’t know if it’s the same thing.

You weren’t looking at the needle were you? You’re supposed to look the other way! Needles are scary. I’ve never passed out but again I’ve never actually looked, just feel the pinch and go eeeeeee until it’s over.

I have a blood lab I need to get done. I feel like fainting and sweat.

Oh I get so much bloodwork taken that I have to just do it. I can’t watch the needle go in though. Lots of people have a hard time with needles. You are definitely not alone.

My dad does apparently. My friend has a terrible needle phobia and doesn’t faint but has panic attacks. She said taking her benzo before she has to get a shot or blood drawn totally changes the experience and she can just get it done like a normal person. Maybe you could try that!

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Only time I have passed out was when my flat mate was doing his pharmacology degree. He had to do limited clinical trials with an established med (so nothing dramatically new). It was done in a clinic with all medical equipment.

I took the med and promptly passed out. I think it was clonidine.

I thought you said anyone pass the noodles


I don’t pass out, but they usually end up sticking me 2 or 3 times because I have small veins. Not fun. I had blood drawn today and the nurse was actually very good—first try, hardly felt it. They’re definitely not all that way!

I am sensitive to needles when getting my invega shot. It’s weird I had no problems when I got my tattoos.

It is all in the mind! My brother told me he passes out form a needle as a child so I expected it.

Having a needle at 14, I passed out. Just because that is what I expected to happen.

On confromtiing this peculiarity and watching it out in bravery, the pain is less than i expected and the reality is less traumatising than thought.

It is expectation and realising this helps tremendously. I expected it to be bad, and thus it became bad, when it is in realtiy a slight burn’/scratch and nothing like toothpain actually is.

Change expectation by confronting reality. If it is a blood iextraction then be clinical about it. I, now watch the needle without fuss having passed out in my youth. It is pathetic really., It hurts about the same as a grandiose mosquito bite. It is all about expectation and a phobia that shoud be confronted and faced as an adult not the inner child that fears.

I never look at the needle and yet I still pass out

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