Anyone else on Pregabalin?

On top of my AP’s I am prescribed 600mgs of Pregabalin In two divided doses. Been on them years now. Anyone else prescribed Pregabalin and come off them successfully? What were the withdrawals like?
I’m thinking of coming off them as I don’t think they even do anything

I am also interested in anyone who has come off

Have been taking them for four years now and the dose has creeped up over time

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I took them for a bit - after lets say, getting them off dodgy sources, in the hope they might reduce the anxiety.

Nasty ruddy drug. I lost 3 days - and if i remember correctly posted whilst off my nut on them here, and got suspended lol :smiley:

Mother was on them for nerve pain - and by god you could tell she was under the influence lol. Cant really tell that to your 80 year old mum she was off her head tho haha.