Anyone Else Obsessed with Lost? Anyone Else Like it?

I’ve watched every episode on Netflix. I started watching it as a teenager in high school I think. I started re-watching it again towards the end of my college education. I then started watching the rest of the show in 2016.

I periodically watch trailers, and clips of Lost and the characters on YouTube.

I’m obsessed with Jacob, The Man in Black (aka Smoke Monster), Richard Alpert, Christian, and Desmond. I’m not really a fan of Hurley, Jack, or Sawyer. And I’m definitely not a fan or even like John Locke!!!

Sometimes, I think I’m in hell because of the show. I think it’s the best TV show ever and I have a delusion that either I helped come up with some of the ideas or I had a connection to the show somehow – maybe in past lives or parallel universes. I’ve been trying to solve the meaning of the TV show Lost. What does it all mean? Are there hidden messages? Is there any relation to our reality or the physics of the show?


In a past life, I was an atheist, and I felt like (maybe it’s a delusion) that I created my own religion called ‘Lost’, which is the highest order of blasphemy out there. My family is very, very religious. In a past life, they were trying to convert me into being a Christian…and I was very angry or something. I just couldn’t believe it. Maybe they were right. Maybe I was most definitely wrong about everything.

Maybe it was the end of the world or something…I can’t remember. Anyways, I think and feel I’m cursed for eternity.

I’m not trying to trigger people. I’m bored and I feel like sharing my story and thoughts.

Basically, common sense wise, I must be Hurley lol. I’m overweight, I’m a protector, and I’m a paranoid schizophrenic. In a past life, some random guy on Reddit told me I was Hurley. I was the biggest Lost fan out there. Even met some of the actors and had photos and stuff in these past lives in parallel universes.

I feel like I’ve been different characters on the show like Jacob, Man in Black, Richard Alpert, and even Desmond. Though I’ve been told I’ve been Hurley, Jack, Sawyer, and even John Locke.

Obviously, I’ve never been on the island, but I sometimes think the island is a metaphor for earth, the solar system, a parallel universe, or another dimension. Obviously, things don’t line up exactly or make sense. Like how can one make the Earth move or make it invisible or whatnot?

I also believe stuff about aliens…and that I’ve actually been to hell AND purgatory many, many times. I also believe I live in a computer program. Like I said, this stuff doesn’t even make sense to me. But some stuff does.

I never figured out what the heck the computer was that was saving the world, and I never figured out what the ‘Dharma Initiative’ was or even the ‘Others’. I have theories or guesses, but they are very, very, very stupid and ignorant!

Here are some thoughts I have about Lost:

  1. My name used to be Jacob in a past life. My brother’s name is Jacob in this life. I’m pretty sure I’ve changed bodies before/ transferred consciousness.
  2. I used to be immortal. I do age like everyone else, but I also think I’m in a time loop that starts in my early 20s and goes on forever. I’ve been cloned and age regressed also. It might be possible to halt aging but I have practically little to no memories on this and it’s a curse.
  3. I’ve died many times
  4. I have been cursed for eternity!
  5. I won the Lotto in a past life. I don’t play at all. I don’t believe in it.
  6. I played those numbers in the Lotto before probably out of boredom, which probably got me cursed or something…
  7. I had a delusion I was Spanish in a past life.
  8. I tried to be a doctor several times in my past lives. Maybe I was a few times. Not interested anymore.
  9. My wife died of skin cancer in a past life.
  10. Met the actor that played Sawyer before in a super market in a parallel universe. He said I was him. I was schizophrenic at the time and he seemed to be teleporting or something. I felt like it was the end of the world or something…again…like always.
  11. I had a delusion in a past life that I was made of nanobots or some weird ■■■■ like the Man in Black.
  12. In past lives, I’ve time traveled.
  13. Been told many times, I dated or liked the wrong girl. (
  14. Been to something like room 23 a few times. Hated it. PTSD? (Am I/ Was I Karl?) (MK-Ultra?)
  15. Had some delusions in a past life like I was Ben or Charles (even though I’m not and hate these guys in the show because they’re evil!).
  16. Had a delusion my friend was Richard Alpert. The funny thing is he never ages in my view. He always looks the same. He is Spanish and I’m Italian. In a past life, he said I should be the smoke monster because the smoke monster is Roman.
  17. Had a delusion in a past life, my step-father was Jacob or the Man in Black (I guess we all switched roles or something and things are convoluted, mixed up, and don’t make sense to anyone else except me).
  18. Is Jacob a computer simulator/alien/vampire/reptilian/Jesus-like figure or even the devil?
  19. Knew a professor who gave me the clothes Jacob and MiB wore in the show. I was supposed to get the light clothes and I’m not sure but he may have given me the darker ones…can’t remember…past life.
  20. They put me in a computer simulation / inception before. It was hell.
  21. Seen the DHARMA food in the super market in a past life. Some kind of ‘Lost’ theme or something going on.
  22. Had memorabilia from the show like the game and the wine bottle (past life). Me and my brother talked about it just like in the show sort of.

I could go one, but I guess I sound very, very schizophrenic or sick to the average person. I don’t want to bore you anymore. I’m just a bored guy who likes thinking about his past and trying to connect the puzzle pieces, dots, or whatever.

Thank you for your time.

And with regards to the MiB, I think it’s because of simulation theory. They don’t want us knowing we live in a simulation, which is probably why I’m stuck on planet earth or stuck somewhere in this simulation. They won’t let me out or leave. I want to leave this simulation and have my schizophrenia cured.

Thanks you again.

The only reason I watched Lost was because of this guy:

Image result for adewale akinnuoye-agbaje

I have a huge crush on him from Oz.

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My two favorite movie clips between Jacob and MiB from ‘Lost’!


This one is about time travel and worm holes and how to leave the “island” or earth and go to parallel universes.


This one is about Christianity and alien contact (past life).

I love Lost! I watched it all in 2016 I think. Then late last year I bought the blu ray box set and binged them all again. The ending is alright but not satisfying enough. I’m sorry you have delusions about the show. My fav character is probably Hurley. Cos he is big like me, loves food, is funny and was also in a mental hospital. Kimda random but I also wish I had beard stubble like Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert). Do you believe in your Lost delusions 100 percent?

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Pretty close. Not sure I’m 100% delusional about everything. I do have delusions or had delusions in the past. My problem is my thoughts and delusions come from parallel universes in past lives I think…

I half wish something like Lost could happen to me. I like the mystery. The companionship. The unity of people. And falling in live with the woman of my dreams on a tropical island.

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