Anyone else like to color?

Does anyone else like to color?


Paging @Anna! :book:

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Love to. That’s beautiful, @moomop, fire and leaves at the same time!

Thanks @Rhubot! It helps a lot with the negative thoughts in my head.


Pretty! What coloring book is that? I like coloring too, haven’t done it in a while though. My favorite are actually the color by number books because it’s so mindless. Sometimes I stress myself out with regular coloring because I want it to look good lol.

@Anna I got this from a friend a church. It is a Noah’s ark coloring book. I’ve never tried the color by numbers before. I will have to try it sometime

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Noah’s ark, huh? The quote sounds a bit eery.

Haha it just has animals in it. My favorite is my Lisa Frank coloring book.

I color mom got us the Disney princess coloring book my fave and fozen one post some when get home

I have been wanting a disney coloring book for a while now

We got it form Fred Meyers if your in the USA that is in the kids books so is suits me just right

I like the kids coloring books better than the adult coloring books for some reason.

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I am about to invest in some adult coloring books and colored pens. funny this thread is here…really makes me want to order some now. nice coloring job on the lion by the way.

Thanks! Yeah they are a lot of fun.

We looked at the grown up ones and was like is all weird pictures and shapes with lots of lines and stuff all seemed to complex and I like princess way way more :smiley:

@TwoOfNine you should see the one I am doing now it is redonk with details!


Coolz! :slight_smile: looks like the ones my mom does

coloring is a great art. but it requires a lot of stuff, in my opinion. writing poetry only requires a pen and paper.

yet again, I’ve seen a lot of good drawings and sketches done with only pen/pencil and paper.

My husband is pretty good at sketching stuff. I on the other hand do not have that talent.

Yeah I like to color too