Anyone else lacking gusto?

I am pretty sure aging is at least partially responsible for my lack of gusto but it may just be meds or schizophrenia as well, probably a combo of all.

I don’t have it in me like I used to, I feel like my internal fire :fire: has dimmed down a bit.

Perhaps I am more refined, I feel like I have dulled my edge and don’t have zest.

Who else knows what I am talking about?


I still have internal zest I guess. It just doesn’t translate into external zest.


I feel the same to some extent but I certainly feel like a milder version of myself.

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I don’t have motivation to do much. I don’t feel as excited about life as i did when i was younger. Guess i’ve been there and done that. I’m 43 now. I don’t know how much that has to do with it.

I am so proud of myself. I just cleaned the tub and took a bath and changed into fresh clothes. And I made a hair appointment for tomorrow. Now, I need to go put more credits on my laundry card before the apartment office closes.

So true for me. That’s why I say I feel caged up mentally.

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I’m just not feeling that bounce to life.

I agree with the been there done that attitude. I’m 41 and I can’t remember the last time I was actually excited about doing something…the anxiety and social issues have really dampened any possible joy. Always asking myself before I do something is it worth it…probably not…when’s the last time anything was. Sleep it is wise choice :expressionless:

That’s me. Internal but no external gusto

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I’m just about to the place where I want to give up. I wanted to be a missionary. That dream was never realized. I wanted to marry the love of my life. It never happened.

I think I see what you’re saying.

My goals and aspirations in life are seriously lacking at the moment.

I entertain the idea of school sometimes. But I suck at in person classes. And all the majors I’m interested in don’t lead to any careers.

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You mean like the soup?

before my diagnosis i was manic as hell. I was setting up a computer lab (a really sketchy one) and trying to learn to hack (dont worry -i still cant hack real world stuff). But i was having a ton of fun doing it. Felt really alive. Then i was diagnosed and i remember the first 3 months wad business as usual. I self taught myself math up to calculus and read a general chemistry textbook. Then one day everything stopped. I laid in bed for 20 hours a day for about 3-4 months.

Nowadays i have a little more gusto, but nothing like before the dx! I miss the old me, barely remember who i was before it all.

Im 21 and am on dexedrine and abilify so i dont know why im not painting pictures on the wall or anything lol

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Maybe? I dont really fill my day up with much sometimes, I want to get out and do more things. Mostly just end up watching TV or on the computer.

Just a few hours ago I didnt feel like doing anything but I also didnt like not doing anything. Just a tense ‘dead’ state. I’ve found it useful just to start listening to my inner thoughts in this state. It keeps you occupied until the feeling passes and you also learn a bit more about yourself in the state.

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