Anyone else have this problem

I can’t watch tv very much anymore. Unless its muted. I hear voices in the mix of the show or movie I’m watching. But I can listen to most music genres and the voices are minimal.


Seroquel drove me bananas :banana: . Once I was watching the tv show “Friends” and I heard a voice intermixed with the stuff on TV.

I don’t hear or see things when I’m unmedicated so I’ve experienced what you’re talking about thanks to a bad reaction with a med.

Things are back to “normal” now on abilify.


yes, i prefer music over tv, i havent watched tv for a long time apart from a couple of films :slight_smile:

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I have tv off especially at weekends and afternoon the blare of tv unsettles me

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I haven’t really watched much t.v. at all for the last seven years since my son died. He was really the t.v. watcher in my little family. I pay for cable (not much), and I don’t even watch cable. Don’t ask me why I pay for it.

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I don’t know why but if it muted I will occasionally glance over and catch a glimpse of a show than turn my head again to something else. Music most music doesn’t bother me like tv does.

Maybe you are hearing things. Alot of movies and tv shows do have low level audio mixed in… And like stupid stuff like camera men talking. Do you remember how many times you’ve seen the boom mic in a movie? In fact sometimes the low level… Often thought subliminal is meant to be there. My family watches the national lampoons Christmas vacation every year and never got all the jokes till one year I watched it extra loud. It pays to take care of your hearing!

TV, many movies, and nearly all news feeds are entirely vexing to me. Another of my friends who used to be so psychotic that no medication could touch his condition, he also has been severely vexed by these things.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing that your own self is sick of the mindless onslaught of junk.

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I started watching tv again in 2012.
Didn’t watch it from 1997-2012, not even a tv in the house!
No radio, music, newspapers, magazines, not a thing.
Total quiet.
Only thing on the ‘approved’ list for me to listen to was a police scanner.
Got real good at knowing the codes.


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