Anyone else have psychic abilities?

I started developing psychic abilities during my last hospitalization. I won’t go into specifics but I believe it’s real. Basically I remember past lives from parallel universes–well, maybe they’re not parallel universes but just my consciousness reenacting the same life in various different ways, mostly dark and dangerous though. It seems to be a negative experience as it causes me distress and seems to be the most useless super power there is. I can’t predict anything in this universe as it is different, although I try sometimes. In essence, I remember living/being conscious in various parallel universes where I occupy the same body but events shape out differently, in disturbing ways. Perhaps its my consciousness that is reliving life in a dark way where my delusions come true and reality is scary. I know I can’t prove any of this–there is no mathematical or logical way to go about this. A skeptic would write me off as crazy and that’s why I won’t go into more detail.

A lot of physicists believe in parallel universes where things are slightly different in each one. Perhaps, in one you are the doctor and your doctor is the patient :smiley: Perhaps, in another you don’t have schizophrenia.

I get Deja Vu a lot and I think that gives me insight into living this exact life over and over again. Michio Kaku even talked about Deja Vu and parallel universes in this video:

Perhaps those experienced in the spiritual realm can elucidate my experiences and reasoning. Perhaps I’m just insane.

With my layman reasoning, sometimes I think the universe is just expanding and contracting. So life is essentially infinite.

There is also quantum immortality/suicide where we are essentially immortal. But I won’t go into that here.

If no one can relate to me, that’s fine. I am also interested in other people’s psychic abilities–not delusions though. So please share your experiences, please.

As a last note, I’m am quite unhappy that my thoughts and experiences differ from my religious beliefs. For instance, my beliefs contradict the after-life talked about by Jesus and the bible.


I’ve dealt with some things like this. Being a live in two universes. Well being dead in one and still broadcasting through to it. Kept hearing typing and soft voices as if they were documenting something.

Its not real man. It sounds like your thinking too hard about things humanity doesn’t fully understand and your coming to conclusions, grounds for delusional thinking.

My brother and I were driving when we saw a sign that read…

“Psychic: Call for an Appointment”

My brother said…“Why bother? She should know when I’m coming!”


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It’s my one symptom left that could be labeled delusional or psychotic. Like I said it’s quite disturbing and disabling. I wish it would go away but it’s also cool and unique. Perhaps it’s just my imagination.

Deja vu’s are ■■■■■■■ scary.

When I was delusional, I believed that I couldn’t die and was hospitalised just a few hours before I was about to put that theory to the test. I’m lucky to be here really.

You sound a bit like I was. I’d tell your psychiatrist the gist of what you’ve told us. Sounds like the meds are causing you issues and it might be time to try different meds.

My daughter accuses me of being psychic, but it’s just good parenting and great timing. :wink:


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I got into a conversation with a “psychic” last night. By the end of the conversation he said “Oh so you can hear these guys, been there.”

I don’t know if it’s psychic.

But i keep seeing proof of the creation of this place.

It’s the theories of some, like shaman for instance, that we are the one’s who made it and we did it to ourselves actually. That would be strange right? We really would be god in that case wouldn’t we.

Like we wanted to know what the opposite of being a god was. Or we had it perfect and just wanted to see imperfect.

Either way someone put this thing here, the proof was right in front of us all the entire time. Whoever it was really put actual signs here all over the place.

That would be so crazy if it was us, then the schizo would have been right about being god. Time is going to tell.

Mysteries abound now. Funny that one has to learn that there are mysteries, we start completely unaware that they exist.

No. I do not have “psychic” abilities. I have no idea what goes on in the minds of others, but the persons in my SZ peripheral seem to. I think they are mostly trying to listen-in to what I am saying instead of seeing because I have a very low image-output, but a high audial-output with my mind & imagination.

That said, I have learned how to better read & react to people so as to create a positive environment - conflict resolution is easy for me.

I feel as if we’re living in an age of mental warfare and we need to resolve all major conflicts in order to move in to a true age of peace. I’m trying my hardest, at the individual level, to make that future feel inevitable & actually happen.

Nope. I wouldn’t want to, just with my experience with thought broadcasting. I find other people’s minds need to stay private.

I have psychic abilities, but they are not as rare as you would think; a lot more wide spread than you might be lead to believe. Lots of experiments have been done from the 1800s to recently that indicate that even in the general population it is present. Every decade or so (at least as long as I have been alive – 46 years) the topic comes up in the media and the so called skeptics argue with those with experiences. Then everybody goes back to warfare, stealing, and abusing each other generally.

Recently a high profile skeptic (the editor of ‘Skeptic Magazine’ no less) named Michael Shermer, came out and acknowledge that he is not so skeptical anymore after having an “experience” him self.

In science one of the components to the scientific method is what is called Empirical Investigation or Evidence, Which is a fancy way of saying “personal experience through the 6 senses”. Like they say in Missouri the “show me” state, seeing is better than believing.

Amongst people like ourselves that are labeled by psychiatry, there is consensus, its just argued away with evocations and dismissiveness, and LOTS of pills. If a large number of people seem to counter the so called “majority view” on reality (the majority view is highly managed and it is mostly manufactured view that does more to ensure money, power and position than anything else) it may bear some relevance.

Often in the past what those in power (beit the church, state, etc) held to be reality, were quite wrong (the list is long) and I would argue the hegemony that exists today is the same way.

As far as science the reality is we are only in one Universe. There are no parallel Universes overlapping this one.

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I always feel like I don’t belong in this world. I believe I’m angle from heaven and that i have the ability to read minds when i look into peoples eyes. my doctors tell me I’m a paranoid schizophrenic! I feel for u brother. As I too feel alone and very much afraid of people. U r not alone. We care, I care about u. Maybe we can help each other???

A girl asked me if I was psychic last night and I said HELL NO!!! People belong in their own heads. Psychic ■■■■ is creepy.

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