Anyone else have eye floaters?

I wonder if I developed them recently or if my OCD, melancholia, idleness, etc… got so bad that now I am even more inside my head and as a result I can now notice eye floaters I’ve always had.

I have one on my right eye that looks like a tiny hair. I go days without noticing it but sometimes staring at a white screen on the computer it comes up and gets annoying. I keep wondering what I did to get it, it’s been with me almost my whole life.

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There’s a word for it and it’s a common thing. Obsessing about it really isn’t so always have a chat to your doctor.

I’ve an anxietal friend and he struggled for a long time with the old eye floaters.

I got floaters too. I just ignore them . I’ve had them for the majority of my life. I’ve never talked to a doctor about them. I always thought they were fairly common and harmless things

Yeah ur probably too deep in ur noggin, best to find ur way out

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