Anyone else have a hard time working on their first day?

Soooooo I went to my work today for the first time and I had the hardest time retaining focus and I feel disappointed in myself — I can’t be alone on this---- anyone else have horror stories about their first day on a job?

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I was working in a retail store, had to ask customers to put their masks on and no one listened to me. or were rude to me.
people were stealing so much in the store coming in with big bags and they could tell from how i was being that i was not asssertive or anything like that. plus I was paranoid of the customers. morning shifts started at 4am to restock shelves and I could not keep up with the speed that they expected :frowning: had to wake up at 2.30 am for the shift :joy:

they are better off without me. I am bad for the company.

this was after a few days there, so don’t be put off on the first day, things may get better for you.

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I appplied at Sears and got hired on. The Human Resources lady told me the job was loading merchandise into customers cars.

I showed up the first day and my supervisor leads me to the back dock and a truck trailer full of merchandise is backed up to the dock. My boss tells me to start unloading. I told him I thought all I had to do was load stuff into customers cars. He just laughed and said that we unload 1-2 trucks a week and a bunch of other crap like stocking shelves and organizing departments. I was pretty surprised but I ended up staying there four years. That’s a lot of trucks!

yeah work is much harder after a long unemployment gap. it used to be no big deal when i was working. but now i just cant get past, the thought that 'i dont need this" and usually quit the job very quickly. last time i went back to work, i only lasted 6 hours and quit, the job was just too physical lifting boxes all shifts, my back and forearms were hurting and i told the supervisor “im on disability, this job is not for me, i don’t need this, sorry” and quit after 6 hours. i told dad they would have to pay me like $22/hr to put my body through that, but for $11/hr it’s not worth it…


Youre right to quit a very laborious job that only pays 22000 a year

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