Anyone else hate the cold and is always cold?

I don’t go outside much. I always have our fireplace heater on


It’s just my hands.
They get cold easily. I don’t know why.

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I’m fine until somebody complains that they’re cold and then, right away, I also feel cold.


I live in Nebraska and it is always insanely cold in the wintertime here. Always too much snow and ice and freezing temperatures. It is 3rd of March today and it was 2 below zero F. outside this morning at 10 am. Crazy weather. That was colder than Chicago!!!


well with the freezing weather we adopted a freezing puppy…tonight Max is learning to sleep in a crate…last night he went to the bathroom all over the house…haha tmi sorry.

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I got frostbite on my fingertips three times this winter. They were pure white. Thankfully I was taught a long time ago what to do. I finally gave in and bought a good pair of gloves. I hate this winter.

Yeah, no kidding. Had to do some emergency work on a vehicle this weekend. I waited until it “warmed-up” to -23. Ugh, what a miserable job that was. Need for this cold snap to end.

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I don’t mind the cold. Hot days on the other hand absolutely kill me. If I get too hot I start shaking and something as simple as taking a drink of water becomes impossible. Could be meds but not sure.

I don’t mind the cold. My hands are always warm, and I have to be persuaded into putting on a jacket when I go out to vape.

I don’t like heat much. It makes me dizzy and uncomfortable.
Though I do like snuggling under a blanket or sitting by a fireplace

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