Anyone else got kids? Does it make it more difficult?

I do and I find my condition definitely affects my family. It’s hard sometimes to bond with the kids. Some days I’m not even present on a mental level, only physical.

I should add that I’m a step father, idk if that really matters. I genuinely care about them as if they were my own.


Stepdad counts. I have 2 kids. One 20. 1 8 years. My 8 year old lives with his dad


It definitely complicates things, but I’m generally pretty stable. I find that I’m there for her most of the time. Everyone has bad days, even normies.


I feel the same way. I am not a step father by have been with my girlfriend for 3 years and she has a little boy. I have been able to bond with him but I know if I didn’t have schizophrenia our bond would be so much stronger. Some days I feel like you; only present in body not mind.

I do have some fear of having my own children for his reason, and also the fact they get inherit the illness.

Good luck to you!


Dude, same way with having my own kids. My parents left some pretty big scars on me and apparently my mother could be schizo, so I’m afraid of doing to them, what they did to me.


I don’t have any children anymore. My son died at age 30 almost seven years ago. But, having a child and being a single parent with no help from anyone, was very, very difficult. I had zero support. Everything was totally up to me. It was horrible and especially since I had sza, that made it that much harder.

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