Anyone else get allergies from pollen in the air?

It’s really high pollen count atm

My eyes are all messed up and my nose is dripping!

Horrible being allergic to nice weather :hot_face:

Woke up this morning and my eyes are raw and puffy

Anyone else get summer allergies?

Hay fever is a ■■■■■


I had allergies to general stuff till I got on psych meds. I wonder about the antihistamine qualities of psych meds for sure for some people!


I take one for sleep as well which is annoying it doesn’t seem to help!

My mother said to take it during the day, but I am not so sure

Not had it this bad for years

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Mothers know some things so try it first! Otherwise it’s time to seek alternative treatments!

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Going to have a look online. This is supposed to be bad until the end of the week

As if dealing with the Akasthsia wasn’t enough!

Couldn’t breath through my nose last night when I was trying to sleep


My allergies are so bad that my ears are plugged up from all the gunk that is in my sinuses.

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