Anyone else gap out time wise?

I find myself thinking about my dream while I smoke a cigarette right when I wake up and either I’m smoking it really fast and not noticing or im just gapping out and forget about time because I’m not present while it’s being smoked either way.

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I think everyone spaces out like this from time to time. If you ever find yourself losing entire chunks of time, such as suddenly finding yourself in totally unfamiliar locations, or hearing stories about things you’ve recently done that you have zero memory of, those are very big warning signs. But if you’re just not mentally present during routine actions, that’s a pretty common human phenomenon.

It just means your brain didn’t find the events important enough to store in your long-term memory. This happens during frequently repeated events, such as driving, doing chores, or other daily tasks, because the brain is trying to basically save space and energy. It takes effort to move a memory from short-term memory to long-term memory. If your brain doesn’t think it’s worth the effort because it already has dozens of memories of you smoking a cigarette, it just won’t bother.

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What is the diagnoses if u wake up in places without remembering ?

Is that DID?

It could be many things, including DID, PTSD, dissociation, brain tumor, etc. But it’s almost always pretty serious.

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