Anyone else feeling really low today?

I’m feeling low but it’s a constant struggle with weight loss too but not always the cause of it.

I just woke up from a poor nights sleep with serious chest/stomach tension and pain.

I’m having trouble relieving tension in my upper abdomen and stomach.

Think its related to the fact that I know my family doesn’t really love me. It hurts pretty bad so I’m tense before the feeling sets in.

But I get that feeling that I feel ugly and gross when I start gaining weight again and it makes it harder to be around everyone than it already is.

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Well, I woke up and immediately God was talking to me, so I already know its gonna be rough day.

I hope you feel better, though. Abilify was tough for me also.

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I’m feeling low too. There’s so much to do and attend to that it’s overwhelming me. Life is too much. I just want to lie in bed with a book and forget everything else.

But no, there’s… shopping to do, banks to visit, statements to send for hubby’s tenants, books waiting to be written, paintings unfinished, house dust piling up, teeth rotting, blah blah blah :weary:

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Hi Butterflyy, I, too, am feeling down on myself about my weight. I keep making poor food choices. I did so well eating yesterday but then I drank alcohol and ruined it all. All I’m doing is gaining weight. I feel ashamed of myself and very angry at myself. When will I finally get it together? Ugh…

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Hey Cactusgyrl,
You’re on the right track since you have not given up. Don’t worry that you drank alcohol afterwards. You just needed it that day. It will get better for you. The journey is not smooth. And also I have faith in you that you can do this. I’m finally taking a new approach and being less ashamed of myself! Basically I just really needed all that junk food yesterday to feel normal. It has happened so I might as well not make myself feel worse about it and just accept that I needed it to feel ‘good’.that specific day. Anyways my main point is though that today I’ve moved on from that. Today is a sensible day. I think once we lose a certain amount of weight we will have more determination not to binge eat again. Because we got so far in eating normal…

Don’t get me wrong though, just cos I’m not ashamed of being overweight anymore doesn’t mean I wanna stay this weight.

It’d sure be nice to get more than three hours sleep in a night.


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Ups and downs. I don’t what my co-workers problem is, he’s acting like an as*hole and pissing me off, Screw it, it’s lunch, and the rest of the day is OK. I get to clean the gym in the warehouse, I like doing it because they’re the only building with energy drinks in a vending machine that I can relax and drink before I get started.

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I’ve had a good day today. But tonight I’m feeling anxious.

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I’m not overly thrilled today.

Things started well but then I met my boyfriend and he yelled at me.again.

He asked me to sit by his garage and wait for him and I said why and he became furious for asking such a question.apparently it was to guard his things.

I’m so disappointed and fed up with him putting me in this position of him being homeless and trying to live rent free in my place when my land lady said no and when he is getting money for renting his place out.

He has yelled at me probably more than 99% more in three months than my x did in 21/2!

He is funny and makes me laugh and best sex ever and I love him but I’m starting to think this may not work out.

I’m angry and disappointed that he would rent his place out and expect me to lie to my land lady and sneak him in to sleep here while he cashed in and I risk becoming homeless.

It’s not ok.
He said if he can’t stay with me he will go live with a woman who is interested in him and asks him out for drinks etc

Sick of him yelling at me for no reason such as me accidentally spilling soup etc

Today I prayed for my x boyfriend and begged that he would be my friend in spirit and that I appreciate every moment with him and that it is the most peaceful loving happy home I ever had.
When I prayed for and about n to him I started crying because I hold him so high.

I later prayed about my boyfriend and just felt disconnected, distant, heartbroken,empty, disappointed etc but no tears.
I appreciate my time with him too but it’s not ok to treat me bad and I think he treats me bad.he treats me well too but that doesn’t make it ok.

I have anxiety and feel strangeled etc
I don’t like the situation he put me in.

I want stability etc

He is giving me the opposite.

He also said he killed a dog by pouring cold water on it for barking on a cold winter day.
That’s murder n not ok .

What if he killed my dog for barking as my dog barks.

I can’t break up with him now but I need to say he can’t stay at my place and if he moves in with the woman who fancies him then so be it but my land lady said no and could lick me out if I go against her on that.its her apartment not mine.her choice not mine.

I don’t know if we our relationship can survive this.
I don’t think it can and when he yelled at me today it was just so awful and I almost walked out on him but didn’t.

The good is great but the bad is simply not acceptable.

Hope you guys are feeling better.

My heart is hurting.

Love to us hey.:slightly_smiling_face::two_hearts:

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Unfortunately,eatingdoes not work that way for me. I lost 84lbs last year and was doing really well, then I started smoking pot and drinking again and since last September, I’ve gained back 50 of those pounds. For me, either I’m on the diet and doing really well, or I’m off the diet and I eat fast food every day and binge eat everyday. I have such trouble with all or nothing thinking. My therapist says thats part of my OCD, but I dont know if this true. I just want to break free from absolutes.

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I don’t know how to break free from that all or nothing thinking. I think it has become part of me when it comes to eating I mean.
I feel like I HAVE to eat that way. I understand.

Weed makes you gain weight by increasing hunger, its also very bad for mental illnesses especially psychosis and sz. I stopped smoking weed, cigarettes, cigars and shisha a year ago by switching to vaping 40mg nicotine salts. Vaping also helped me stop drinking at the same time.

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