Anyone else feel like they’re never going to recover?

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No kidding. I’m on some medications right now that aren’t helping.

Good luck with that. I’ve had that particular wish getting stepped on by reality for three decades now.

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Its like someone waiting for new legs. It could take many years before new legs come on the market.

In the meanwhile they just have to do other things that there capable of doing.

I actually think there isnt much incentive for drug companies to make drugs for negative symptoms. Its such a small percentage of population that would need it. A cancer drug would be much more profitable.

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But the problem is that I can’t do 99% of the stuff normal ppl do. You don’t need meds for negative symptoms but I and many do.

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Without that hope, even if it doesn’t happen in my lifetime, will make me depressed and suicidal.

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Oh i definitely could use negative symptom meds. Everyday is a struggle. Ive just accepted that it might not happen anytime soon so i do what i can.

Like for me I was much higher functioning 10 years ago. So i had to accept working in a lower cognitive demand job. It was a blow to me but Im ok with it now.

And of course others are worse off that cant work or do daily self care stuff either.

I tried several off label meds but had 0 luck with them.
Modafinil, ritalin, welbutrin, buspar, and some other one i forget.


99% of normal people can’t do the stuff I do.



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I think I have more common sense than most normies lol

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I discovered peace of mind on tis journey of life

I have recovered to a great degree delusion wise. The damage to me socially, vocationally, physically, and reputation wise will never be fixed.