Anyone else experienced delusions with owls

I am currently hearing owls screeching and they are coming for me? It makes me scared cause in our family when you see an owl someone is going to die. I dont know if it is real or not and to ashamed to ask if anyone else is hearing them. The voices tell and taunt me saying they are coming for me

Some of my voices are nature-based. Although I never had owls screeching at me. I can see that being scary since mine are also scary. However you have to remember that the voices can’t actual do harm. All they can do is scare you. Mine do it frequently saying I’m being stalked or that my cats are in danger. Nothing ever happens to them though.

Believe it or not, my last delusion involved turkeys! I’m not kidding! So an owl delusion wouldn’t seem that odd to me at all.

My mom thought that birds were cyborgs made to harass her with their singing.

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