Anyone else experience these strange symptoms

I experience inability to taste fully and also inability to smell things properly - my senses feel dulled. Sometimes I can taste fully, and it hits me just how much I am missing out when it comes to food.

Also I get periods where I ‘lock up’ - I freeze and cannot move. I just stare at my laptop screen without an ability to initiate a task

Finally, there is excessive pacing around which I cannot explain either

Does anyone else experience these symptoms?


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I lock up, too. I pause a lot in the middle of tasks, but sarcosine helps with this for me.

Sense of smell can be impaired in schizophrenia and impaired sense of smell can be linked to impaired taste.

Yup. My smell isn’t as good. I actually had an experience where it felt like my chakras were aligning and I got it back. Weird.

The pacing could be restless leg syndrome caused by meds.

Yes, these symptoms (with the exception of taste) are familiar…

I pace a lot and I also freeze up. The freezing up is scary though. Sometimes I feel it coming on when I drive.

You can try propranolol for the pacing. Ask your doctor.

My sense of smell is dulled from damage as a kid, between lots of fights and getting my nose broken and a friend bringing a stink bomb back from mexico, as for the pacing and freezing those are symptoms i get em too, also sometimes i suddenly shoot up way into the sky and fall back into my body which is still standing on the ground, thats happened maybe between 5 and 7 times through my life. Hasnt happened in a long time, wonder if it will happen again

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