Anyone else chew tobacca?

I enjoy it sometimes instead of smoking.

I dipped Skoal and chewed tobacco for about two years. I’m glad I was able to quit.

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You’re getting a drug (or a combination of drugs) into yourself.

Great way to get both lung and mouth cancer

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I used to be a smoker but I successfully quit. You can too. It takes determination but you can do it

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I havent made the descision yet. I still enjoy tobacco

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I used to chew tobacco when I was in my 20s

I didn’t make a long habit out of it, I used to chew occasionally.

It’s a good way to get mouth cancer.

I would quit if I were you.

I like to chew ankles.


I chew constantly. I like how it makes me feel. If I’m not chewing tobacco then I chew on my beard. Oral fixation. I like it. I realize I’ll probably get cancer from it but honestly dying early would be a gift to get out of this schizophrenic hell of a life.

I used to years ago. :parrot::parrot::parrot:

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