Anyone else chasing happiness?

I find myself doing it. I’ll sometimes get this motivation to improve my life in various ways. For example I got this idea today that I’m going to try to cut out all sugar from my diet to see if I feel better.

But I think there’s value in having a healthy outlook and try being content with your situation right now. On the other hand I think it’s a good thing wanting to improve. I think it’s healthy not being obsessed with improving, so you won’t get sad if things doesn’t work out, or your life doesn’t get as good as you hoped it would get.


Chasing Happiness. Chasing Dreams. Chasing The Clouds In Horizons Tranquility. Hopelessly.

Chasing Happiness. Chasing Serenity. Chasing The Light Underground Safely. Helplessly.

And Seeking. Searching. Being A Happy Being…, Completely Improving. . . . . . .

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