Anyone else always a victim of verbal abuse?

I don’t mean hallucinations I mean in real life.
I am always bullied.
One example is I am slow sometimes in processing things and responding to questions so I get called stupid.

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Are you bullied as an adult?
I was bullied when I was a kid but it didn’t affect me and I even became friend with who bullied me when we became adults.

You know who you are. Don’t let others define you. :zebra::zebra::zebra:

Yes as an adult, I am bullied more as an adult that I ever was as a kid. I was an odd kid but people weren’t too mean–sometimes yes when I was a kid.

By who? You can call 911 if they threaten you verbally. Its a crime.

Threats don’t count. Police do nothing about threats or mean speech. I know this from experience. They have to physically act on those threats in order to be pursued by police

I insulted and said racist stuff to a jew online and federal police came to my house. They wanted to arrest me but my brothers told them I have sz and not taking my meds. Verbal abuse is a crime in Canada at least, maybe not in the US.

They would just deny it.

Then stay away, just avoid and ignore them.
If its at work tell that to your superior.

mostly a family member

Tell your other family members about it.

Its wrong to harass someone for their background religious or ethnic or peoplehood. I have Jewish ancestry and I am in the process of converting and I am subjected to antisemitic stuff

I was unmedicated, I thought I was Jesus and that jews were trying to kill me. I thought they poisoned my thermos with radioactive poison, I was cleaning everything with alcohol. I called 911 and emailed the FBI about this many times and they said they can arrest me for wasting their time and harrassment.

I told my psychiatrist about this and he prescribed me meds, all this stoped now. btw I had jewish friends at university, two girls and a guy. The guy gave me exam answers before the exam lol


yay for meds

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I am always a target though not just family. I have had people throw things at me while I am out walking. I have people yell stuff at me. Kids call me names.
I am just a quiet person and keep to myself.
I don’t make good eye contact I guess.

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I’ve definitely had some of that. When I was out meeting a friend for a film, two men probably similar age to me (late 20s) kept trying to insult me. I just pretended I didn’t hear them, but they got really loud and aggressive. I did absolutely nothing to the trigger such a response but walk past them. Sometimes I think because I’m tall I’m a target. But then, Im just giving them excuses. I think bullies don’t get rebuked enough, and don’t have the mental capacity to they are doing is harmful to others.

Try not to take it too personally, some people are just dicks.

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Only about 10x this week. Apparently it’s my fault that people drive like crap, get distracted driving tickets, and their insurance premiums go up. Yeah buddy, it was me who made you surf your phone in the car in front of the cops!

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I appreciate the replies, I was feeling depressed about it.

It’s not a crime in the US. Only actions matter

I have been abused IRL all my life, in every way imaginable. I’ve never been abused by voices.