Anyone else a lip biter?

i bite a lot, sometimes dont even know i am doing it, but i like doing it bc it reduces my stress and anxiety,

here’s some information on it if you dont know about it-

its really hard to break the habit.

Some information on this problem that might help you get over it. Also - have you talked to your doctor about anti-anxiety medications. Anxiety is a very common issue in people with schizophrenia - and getting it treated would help you in many different areas in addition to the lip biting issue.

I bite my finger nails when I’m nervous.

that is horrible @SzAdmin

i think that is far worse than the biting i do

i take pregablin which is for Anxiety and also pain relief as well i think

i think i just realized that i bite my nails as well lol

I find I’m a bit of a lip biter as well. I don’t even know when I’m doing it…

For me it’s more stress then anxiety.

Same. Isn’t an issue on most days though. As soon as the lips are chapped though. It’s non stop. Like right now.

You don’t really catch anyone else doing it.

Not a big deal though for me.

Eventually I take my finger and violently rub off all the dead skin. Takes a few goes.

Sometimes the mouth/tongue are as active or more than the mind.

No but my jaw gets really locked if I am hypomania

its more to do with chewing and biting the inside of your cheek and lips not just when they are chapped but i know what you mean as i have done this myself, sometimes i bite to deep and it is sore and sometmes my jaw gets sore as well.

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I bite my lips sometimes,especially the loose skin.

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I bite my lips a lot, because they are almost always dry. This is because I breathe through my mouth almost all the time as my nose is blocked - I suffer chronic rhinitis whatever the season, my nose is half blocked. I have to use lip balm everyday because my lips are dry. That stops me biting them.

I PICK my lip… but I don’t bite it.