Anyone else a Hypochondriac?

When I am anxious or not feeling so well, maybe depressed a bit too, I start to obsess about my health.
I think morbid frightening thoughts about getting sick, having a disease, am I getting a stroke? Heart attack? What if I get a high fever and die etc… When I was destabilized and delusional, I was sure I was dying of Lupus - I went to see a doctor for my imaginary illness. I am starting to focus on my physical health again - Hypochondria - fear of getting sick, also I am obsessing about my death. Man I hate this symptom - does any one else have Hypochondria?
A person who is anxious about their health?

I’m known for going to the Dr and my symptoms go away. Also had that problem with my car. I used to be afraid of getting sick. I always thought I had cancer. The least little thing - it’s cancer! I’m not that way now. I don’t know what changed. Maybe zyprexa?

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Yes I am hypochondriac, I especially fear stomach problems and cancer. My grandmother died from cancer and I hope it hasn’t passed down to me. I don’t want to be at risk when I’m older.

I do get into modes where I become very catastrophic in my thinking. When I was homeless, drug resistant T.B. was running rampant through some of the homeless camps.

So even now when I have a chest cold I just can’t shake or a lot of congestion I think “OH no, it’s here. I got it. resistant T.B.” But no, I just have a lot of allergies.

I’ve also panicked myself out thinking a bit of poison oak was lupus. I don’t handle stuff like that very well.
Again, glad I have some calm family members who are very good at first aid and have a bit of medical savvy.