Anyone driven insane by their families?

My whole family drives me nuts.

My parents had me when they were too old. I live with my dad and he’s in his 70s.

I get real nasty ass voices whenever my dad and sister are together. A hidden dialogue while they are actually talking at the same time.

yeah my dad is 68 and my mom 56.

I left my family at 18, they hated me I hated them, better off leaving

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I am very close to my family =)

Sister/brother/cousins/ mom and dad. Mom and dad are weirdos but whatever.

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I’m not a huge fan of my wife’s family.


I get the craziest and most twisted voices whenever my family are together and it seems like one big psyop they’re running against me.

I get the feeling everyone is acting around me and not being themselves.

Like they all know something I don’t, as if I am retarded, or they all belong to the same cult.

But I feel as though it is impossible to have a real conversation with anyone in my family.

(raises hand) me

It seems really incoherent to even attempt to.

Why are you living with voices?

Are you a big stoner?

I dont smoke pot. I take meds but I still have voices.

Then you’re doing something wrong

I feel as though I’ve degenerated once winter set in though… I even look stranger.

My Mom drove me crazy when she accused me of doing something I didn’t do. That’s the same as calling me a liar, wouldn’t listen to me. Very frustrating.

Medical science dude

When you take meds as prescribed

And get enough sleep and don’t do street drugs

The hallucinations are abated

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Statistically that is not true in a majority of cases.