Anyone done optifast?

My mom is going to do this so she can lose weight to get her knee replaced.
Has anyone else used the optifast program?

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I have. The hospital I went to for weight loss put me on it. The first two weeks are hunger He**, but after that it’s ok. But when you start real food you gain the weight right back

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Ugh, that doesn’t sound good.
How long till you eat real food?

For me it was 6 months

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How much did the optifast shakes cost or were they covered by insurance?

I think they were like $12/box and each box had seven shakes. I needed 5 or 6 shakes a day. I forget which. They’re probably more expensive now.

I just looked it up. In the US, optifast is usually about $150/week

Holy cow, no way she can afford that.
Thanks for the info!

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