Anyone done Christmas shopping?

Are you guys enjoying shopping for Christmas? I think I’m getting my dad a pair of Jack stands and my siblings all a pair of yak tracks. My family has been exchanging $20 gifts between everyone for a couple years. I think it is fun to shop for them.

I am just shopping black friday deals for myself.

Are you looking into computer hardware? I just bought another tool. This led light.


My computer is alright, fast enough but maybe I can add a 1 or 2Tb gen 4 SSD. I bought a VPN service for 2yrs yesterday. Now I can access contents like Netflix from all around the world. Also it unblocks content only available to the US like Peacock app.

I bought gifts for my stepmom

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I’m not buying anything for anyone but will be sure to send out Xmas cards. I expect to get Amazon credit and buy myself a book of mandolin songs. I could make homemade cards with crayons. I need to find the right paper. It would be good for me to draw again!

I don’t usually do Christmas shopping, however my partner celebrates so I do get him a present. This is the first time he bought me an advent calender

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I bought books and a postcard for relatives.
I like christmas.

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Just finished mine. All hail Black Friday sales and Amazon home delivery.


Yeah, I think I am done with mine after today as well, besides the cash gifts that I am going to give my nieces and nephews.

I only have one present left to buy

It’s for my sister

Want to get her something decent, and not just a packet of soaps and beauty products

Need some inspiration!


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I don’t really have anyone to buy gifts for now. I’m going to get a couple of Christmas cards and send them out though.

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