Anyone doing any craft projects?

Anyone doing any craft projects at the moment? I’m knitting a baby blanket. Knitting little squares then going to crochet them together.


I much prefer crochet because i find knitting very difficult can’t quite get the hang of it… well done this blanket looks amazing and cosy :slight_smile:


Thanks I have the opposite problem. I find crochet tricky. I find knitting easier. I think I prefer the effect of crochet. It looks better. Only two squares to go until my mum teaches me to crochet them together. One pink and one blue.

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Haven’t touched it in a long time and it’s not done, but I’m in the progress of making a trippy otherworldly clay landscape. Maybe I will work more on it today.


New crochet blanket. Working progress.


While not really a “craft” it is a hobby of mine. I’ve been working on my own table top roleplaying game. It’s story base is Angels fighting away evil and demons.

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