Anyone do Hiit exercise?

Luckily, my CPN helped get my old broken washing machine and two clapped out sofas down the steps of my flat to be collected by the council tomorrow. Although I do 120 press ups a day I found my legs to be so weak that I will get back on the stationary bike tomorrow.

A life of sedentary and idleness hasn’t helped my leg muscles very much. They must be atrophying.

I got bored when i rode awhile ago even listening to music, so I’m hoping a shorter, more intense burst of energy will keep me occupied. Has anyone tried high intensity interval training before? Any tips? :slight_smile:


on leg days i do cycles of 1 minute jump rope, and then switch to stationary bike for 3 minutes then rest a minute, i do that 2 or 3 times and then lift my legs. so 3 days a week if you consider that hiit training. i thought about sprinting but the whole thing seemed incredibly stupid. i’ve read hiit training naturally raises hgh levels.

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Yes it sounds very similar.

I found a website that says you warm up on the bike for 5 minutes, then raise the resistance and pedal furiously for 1 minute, then you do the warm up pace for 2 minutes then 1 minute of furiousness, You keep this up for a total of 15 minutes for a beginner.

You don’t do consecutive days of this training.

In this way your body doesn’t reach a peak in muscle building or weight loss, unlike biking the same, longer distance at a slower level every day.

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Did my first HIIT on the stationary bike an hour ago.

Boy was it tough! It was my first proper exercise and covered 7km in the allotted time, but it is not about distance. I could only manage 2 and half minutes at full pelt in the 15 minutes. 5 minutes warm up, 2 and a half bursts of 1 minute and the warm downs.

The risperidone makes my legs almost collapse getting off it. I’m glad it is only 15 minutes. Any more and they would literally collapse.

I should get better in time.

I do it several times a week. But my high intensity bursts are only 1-2 minutes depending on which machine I’m using. On the recumbent bike I do it for 2 to 4 depending on my energy level that day. I think it helps a lot

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Yes that is my plan. Every other day is the goal. A day of rest in between said the sports webpage that I stumbled upon.

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Yeah. That’s a good way to do it

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I feel cognitively improved from these HIIT exercises.

I have been increasing my stamina by 15 seconds every time I do it. I’m not losing weight though, but rather the opposite. Hopefully it is muscle weight as I’m eating the same amount of food.

I’m sticking with it. Every second day 15 minutes of HIIT. I intend to be a fit older person. :slight_smile:

Found this about the benefits of HIIT:

The Benefits Of 15-Minute Workouts Will Blow Your Mind (

" 1. Get Results Faster. You’ve heard about HIIT, or high-intensity interval training. There’s a reason no one shuts up about it: It really works.
2. Burn More Calories. HIIT workouts, which usually lasts just four to 15 minutes, can also give you more bang for your buck in terms of calorie burn.
3. Live Longer. Just 15 minutes of exercise per day could actually increase your lifespan. …
4. Manage Weight. The calorie-burning benefits of even the shortest strength-training bout keep coming long after you’ve left the gym.
5. Stay Young. HIIT can actually have a profound effect on aging at the cellular level. The older you get, the less efficient your energy-producing mitochondria become."

People should try it if you don’t like doing long exercise sessions.

Anyone out there going to try it?

wow 120 is a lot! i guess if you break it down if you do 20 per hour over the day you can get pretty high. maybe i shoudl try that

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I don’t understand what you mean. 120 what?

In 15 minutes I do 5 minutes warm up, 1 minute on full pelt, 2 minutes slow cycling then 1 minute on, 2 minutes slow then 1 minute full pelt. That is only 4 minutes of intense exercise in 15 minutes. I covered 7.3 km in that time.

When I started about a week ago I couldn’t do 4 minutes, but 3 minutes 15 seconds. Now I am doing 3 minutes 45 seconds. Next time I aim to do the 4 minutes like it was recommended to do in the website I found.

My legs are on the verge of collapse as a side effect from risperidone though, or it would be a lot easier.

It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is really difficult to achieve.

Edit: Oh, 120 press ups. Sorry for being slow. Yeah, I worked up to it over a period of months. :slight_smile:


great job! :slight_smile: wish i could do that haha

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