Anyone diagnosed with a personality disorder?

I don’t understand @firemonkey

Antipsychotics can cause some anxiety and irritability. I used to get anxious and irritated easily while on 4 mg risperidone


my psychiatrist says I get really bad irritability 2/3 weeks without my job. Invega.

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Therapy is regarded as the ‘gold standard’ treatment for a PD. I got a few weeks ‘therapy’ from an untrained day centre worker, apart from that I just took meds.


@firemonkey I understand you had a PD diagnosis? but you now have a ASD diagnosis. Its all bull crap… really it is.

I have SZA disorder… my pdoc is out to get me.

1975- 1983 sz
1983-2005 sz-a mixed type primarily;occasionally bipolar
2005-? PD NOS
?- 2018 paranoid PD
2018- sz-a and ASD mentioned as best fits
2019 ASD + sz-a
2020 ASD + sz


@firemonkey do you feel like it fits, your current Dz?

I’m interested to know?

I quote.


I have changed it from schizophrenia to schizoaffective disorder based on my further exploration today indicating he has, in the past, had phases of low and high mood in the context of concurrently experiencing psychotic symptoms.


'In the context of a diagnosis of Autism spectrum disorder now having been made and the depressive symptoms being mild when they occurred in the past, I am changing the diagnosis back to schizophrenia.

You don’t get to have several sets of ECT if your depression has just been mild. Also why 'In the context of a diagnosis of Autism spectrum disorder?

I disagree with the change , but it’s a minor mistake compared to what happened in Essex. It’s not something I’ll go into battle over.

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I got re-diagnosed as having mixed personality disorder 3 years ago and i consider this a better diagnosis than the last one as it is less stigmatising and i feel like it is not as serious,

I’m not sure if it has actually changed but i am sure i have improved on my meds, My psyche dr seemed to think he was getting to the root of my illness, god knows what my new p/doc thinks.

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