Anyone diagnosed with a personality disorder?

Is it a psychiatrist who diagnose it?
Since having sz I get too irritable, feels like sz changed my personality for the worse. I feel like my sz was that extreme.


I raised my risperdal to 6mg and now want to go up to 8mg as its decreasing my irritability but it doesnt make sense as I have no positive symptoms on 3mg.

Yep, I have a personality disorder. $5 and I’ll tell you which one.

Just kidding, I gots da Paranoid Personality Disorder, according to recent testing.


Since going above 3mg my negative symptoms got worse.

How is it treated?

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Beats me. Some PDs, especially the Cluster B ones, are not really easily responsive to therapy. Recent testing also showed I’m delusional enough on meds to still qualify for a Delusional Disorder diagnosis. That gets the AP treatment, which I barely respond to, so, yeah…I just have to up and live with the shiz I guess.


They never diagnosed mee, but have been a couple.

I think I have ASPD, but have never been diagnosed.

I was told by the psych I might have Borderline. And honestly, it fits.

@Aziz i don’t think you can fully medicate your irritability away. Irritability is usually a reaction to other feelings, like fatigue, anxiety or discomfort.
Maybe you would benefit more from having therapy to figure out what feelings are causing the irritability, and how to reduce your reaction to it.


I’m avoidant personality type.


I think I have residual symptoms of schizoid personality disorder (SPD). I’ve had it more strongly before. I’m still spending most of my time solitary, because I don’t feel lonely. Additionally I had/have some traits of narcissistic PD. I’m preoccupied with grandiose, perfectionistic fantasies.



İ think i have schizoid and dependant personality disorders but i m not diagnosed officially.

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I was diagnosed as such from 2005- 2018, PD NOS then paranoid pd. It was a classic case of ’ We don’t like him very much so let’s label him with a PD’ . There was a total abdication of any acceptance that they contributed to the breakdown in the therapeutic relationship. The PD that would be a good fit, i.e avoidant PD was never considered’.


Before my autism diagnosis I was misdiagnosed with borderline pd. I have traits though so eh?


Yep! Co - Diagnosis of “EUPD Traits” . Complete load of bollox in my opinion, purely on the record to cover up the last shrinks flaming cock up.

Hate to say it, but schizophrenia “suits me” - Its the only Dx that makes any sense for my condition and what i experience.


I think within the UK thing? this is common, especially with the CMHT.

With the PD lable … you get less care.

I have nobody likes your personality disorder

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EUPD - I would hate this.

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In my case it was just meds, no therapy.