Anyone collect antiques and paintings

Thank you so much!! Tinctures and Tonics is an album I have been working on for a few years now. It’s a collection of songs about relationships, the good times and the bad. The name seems to suit the vibe of the music. It’s kind of a soundtrack to love, loss and healing

You can preview some of the songs here on SoundCloud - David Cragg (Cragger)’s stream

I wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable about your collection being associated with music that did not appeal to you. There is one single song on there called clusterf***. This is not at all related to the album, it was just a fun thing I did to show I could step outside the typical singer-songwriter box.

There are also a couple of songs that I wrote for my Goddaughter, Ashley for whom I will create an album just for her and her mother

Cheers, thanks again!!

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I just heard you music, it’s good and very professional. You have a strong voice. I listen a lot to sing & son, folk myself. Im a big fan of the late The Byrds.

Impressing you can make such a coherent work while having an MI.

Photo is on the way



Thank you for the compliment @bluebutterfly :blush: much appreciated. I love folk music too, The Byrds were great!!


Here is an old typewriter that I bought. I’ve had it so long, I don’t remember when I acquired it. It is an old Remington typewriter, used in the GE in the 1940s I believe.

What makes it extra special for me, is that my mother worked in the drafting Department of General Electric… with only a grade 10 education, she came to me the night before the

interview and asked me to explain fractions. I described it using slicing a pie into pieces, by the time I got to 1/8th the light went on. Mom went in the next day and got the job. She was small but Mighty LOL