Anyone been prescribed a narcotic while on APs?

I had a bad injury last week and got put on painkillers. It says they have a bad interaction with APs but I’m in so much pain. I haven’t taken them yet.

You need to ask your Dr or pharmacist. I took narcotics pain killers after I had surgeries. It was prescription Codeine. It made me euphoric and couldn’t sleep at all at night.

I stopped taking them the next day on my own and I was ok.

They are pretty serious interactions. They can permanently damage your lungs.

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You should ask your doctor.

I did before my boob surgery.

He said it was okay,

I was on painkillers for like three weeks.

I think some are okay with some others. Maybe call your pharmacist

Oh I wasn’t on antipsychotics when I took them.

Seriously? How are schizophrenics suppose to deal with pain

I took a lot of Percocet following elbow reconstruction in 2012. Didn’t get hooked, but found they didn’t work too well. I spoke to my orthopaedist and he said the antipsychotics interact with opiates and decrease their effectiveness. Had the same conversation in an ER a couple years later after getting a Dilaudid shot for a migraine. That’s two doctors with the same story so that cemented that as a fact, at least for me.

Yes i have taken painkillers in a low dose on AP. Codeine, tramadol etc… No problem, but take care of addiction. And follow the instructions the doctor said, of course, and don’t take it for a long period.

Narcotics don’t touch me since I have been on AP’s. One time in my more foolish days I got into my sister in law’s Demoral. I took seven pills, and it did nothing to me. It’s going to suck if I need pain medication in a hospital.

After my surgery, I just used CBD.

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