Anyone awake?

The rent is 30% of your income with utilities included.

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hey thats great

hope u njoyed the pizza

i love pizzas, plan on ordering one next sunday

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watch out for the Brewers.

too soon to call.

I don’t go outside when it’s dark out. The closest convenience store is maybe a mile away.

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that’s pretty neat then,

its cheap then.

n what is ur income source?

Social Security Disability. There are a few here who work though.

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I’m not on SSI and don’t know much about it.


thats fine then

so with the remaining 70% can u survive and r u able to save any?

I survive and can save some, but then an unexpected expense comes along and chews up my savings. I just had $539 in dental work done.

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oh ok

i understand

all in all not bad for u

My mom died in 2018 and I’m on my own now. I just have a sister and her family who live about a thousand miles away.

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oh i m sorry.

its good that u atleast have a sister but she is pretty far but its still good to have

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It’s too expensive where she lives, and I’m trying to avoid going there. The cost of living is much lower here, and I know my way around the city.

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ok ya it makes sense to live here and the place is familiar

where do u live?

Central Arkansas USA

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oh ok cool

does it fall in the bible belt?

Definitely. 1515



The greater Little Rock area is fairly liberal though.

oh really

which is that area

i dont know about it