Anyone awake?

I can’t sleep and am bored. It’s 3:10am. My psychiatric clinic is doing a 4th of July cookout today, and the weather forecast has changed to 20% probability of rain. Anyone want to chat?

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that’s funny the clinic doing cookout, well, for us, Where’s the American Dream?

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i am awake.

i can chat

It’s an Assertive Community Treatment program with many clients Court ordered there. They feed people lunch M-F. People are supposed to be there 9am to 3pm each day.

Hey steffifan. What’s new with you?

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I’m awake too i couldn’t sleep either i feel you but its only 1 21 hear

not much

just the same old

just keeping myself busy on this forum

what about u?

were the disabled in jail? what do you mean by court ordered?

Hey Thesickguy. I slept maybe an hour or two, but it felt like I had been asleep for days.

@Blueone65 thats weird wene sleep that little i feel like poop lol

They were found not guilty of a crime due to some mental disorder, and the judge ordered them into psychiatric treatment. I was ordered by a judge into treatment back in 2008, but am there voluntarily now.

Well I don’t have anything to do for the holiday except go to the cookout. A church came by my apartment building yesterday and had a 4th of July pizza party. I live in low-income housing.

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Hope you get to feeling better.

then i think u should go.

so did u get the pizza, which flavor

is it safe in low-income housing?

who r the other residents?

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It’s supposed to be for seniors and disabled, but I think some here aren’t. They are either on SSI, SSDI, or Retirement Social Security. The building is locked with a security guard who let’s people in. Inside the building is pretty safe.

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and how long does that last, til compliant on meds, or change in their ways?
How much of this is addiction?
temporary fix.

I got a slice of each flavor of pizza

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Watching yesterday’s Twins game. Tis fun.

Gonna go to Kwik Trip in about an hour and a half for a couple of things.



ok so the residents r pretty safe then

and a security guard is even better.

do u have to pay rent for the house and if so then how much?

Usually five years and they have recovery programs for addictions. I’m an alcoholic myself.

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