Anyone available for chat?

Hi. Anyone available for a chat? Very bored. Waiting for my mum to come home so we can go cycling.

I walked with my mother today in the morning


I went for cycle this morning. I’ve only just discovered it in last few days. I want to train and get into it competitively. Hope you enjoyed your walk.

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Hi. How are you?

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Aahhh…cycling with Mom!..


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Lol. Funny. Ddggtfgg.

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Just woke up…having a coffee and a smoke…the schizophrenic breakfast! :wink:

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Where r u? What time is it?

Canada…10:44 am.

Enjoy your bike ride with your Mom! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks it’s 4.06 pm here in the U.K.

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