Anyone available for chat?

Oh normally like 1am to 6am on work days and 2am to 11am or noon on non work days.

My sleep patterns are way worse than yours plus I also sleep to much. I managed to clean the house quite well. It looks a lot better. Sometimes I find it hard to motivate myself to do stuff like that. What symptoms do you have? What’s your job?

I’m sorry your sleep patterns are worse. That doesn’t sound fun. Glad you cleaned the house so much too! I have the classic symptoms of schizoaffective disorder bipolar type. Hallucinations, delusions, paranoid thinking as well as manic mood swings and depression episodes. I also deal with CPTSD. I work as a dental assistant! What do you do? What symptoms do you have?

I have had positive symptoms like dellusions, hallucinations and paranoia but I don’t have them anymore. I have more negative symptoms like lack of motivation, focus and poor short term memory. Your doing well to be working with schizophrenia. Do you have any negatives? How did your gym class go?

Gym class was good, it was good to be moving. I don’t really get negative symptoms other than lack of motivation but I’m hoping the Wellbutrin will start helping with that!!

Cool you’re lucky not to get negatives. I find them worse than positives.

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So I’ve heard. I’m sorry you get so many negatives. Can I ask what medication you’re on?

Depixol. What are you on? My negatives are better than they were.

I’m on Geodon and now Wellbutrin. I’ve been on a plethora of other meds before though.

Yeah I’ve been on a few. How many times have you been in hospital?

Five times total. . Technically only admitted to psych once when I was 14 in 2012, then once in 2018 at 20, then twice in 2019 at 21. And then the one other random time I count is when I spent overnight in the ER waiting to get evaluated. What about you?

5 times as well. Started in 2011 when I was 26. 35 now.

I don’t enjoy the hospital. I try to avoid it as much as I can. Last year I didn’t avoid it so well. I’ve been utilizing the crisis center more now. Just spent the night there two weeks ago instead of going to the hospital. It was a good trade off plus the service is free unlike the hospital.

Yeah I don’t want to go into hospital again. Every time I’ve been I’ve been off meds.

@Lowri Hiya. I’m here if you need to chat. I’m awfully sick though- but I still have to work.

I’ve been because I went off my meds, I also overdosed on Klonopin last August and went because of that, other times I was just really suicidal.

It’s good u keep on working.

How r u ill? What’s ur job?

I work as a translator.
I don’t know, I just feel really ill today- I overworked yesterday and I’m in massive pain.

What languages do you translate?