Anyone available for chat?

Anyone feel like chatting?

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Yeah. What’s on you mind?

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Just need to clean house before parents come home tomorrow. Feeling lonely. Thinking about my recovery journey. How are you?


Gosh, I try to speak for myself here and thus not get involved in a misjudgment for our shared experiences. My room, too, is a mess. I haven’t found my transit card in a few days.

Yeah do u find it hard to stay tidy?

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Well, I haven’t been masturbating as of late. The thing is I do not like to masturbate to other men’s women. But the thing is I don’t film that ■■■■ and some men reenact certain films… of other men… with women. I hate revenge porn with a passion, the sad irony is, I had to sift through thousands of pages, what are the odds? I did not ask for a direct link.

Hiya @Lowri. How are you?

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Hey @Lowri! Here to chat if you need.

Hi. How r u tonight? I’m just cleaning kitchen. What u doing?

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What u up to? Dfgdgg

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Just getting ready to go to an exercise class. What are you up to?

Are u in America. What time is it over there? I’m cleaning kitchen before parents come home tomorrow.

being sad because I don’t have a valentine

Maybe you will next year.

No I’ll never have another Valentine ever

I used to have my kids as my Valentines but they got older then I had my husband as my Valentine but I just got divorced now I have no one and I’ll die alone probably and no one is good enough they are all perverts or into drugs or religious

Yes I’m in Idaho. It’s only 6:30pm here where are you at?

I’m in The UK. It’s 2.31 in the morning. My sleeping patterns are ■■■■■■ up.

My sleep habits are messed up too! But not quite as bad as yours I imagine.

What hours do you sleep?