Anyone around for chat?

Hi. Is there anyone around for a chat?

Hit me up. 151515

R y still there?

Yup. 15151511515

Hey. What’s up?

What u up to? I’m just filling form to do course in translating.

I’m ok. How are you? Are you good?

I’m fine, thank you…

That’s good. Fghtgghh

Qu’est que c’est la langue tu traduire?

Do you have any symptoms?

Negative symptoms. Lack of drive and motivation. You?

hey @Lowri, I’m here, just chilling out. Need to go to bed at a reasonable hour (in a couple of hours) as I have a work shift tomorrow morning. How are you?

Ok. What’s your job? Have injection in three hours.

Positive and negative

I only have negatives.

Hiya lowri, you still up?

Yeah I’m very tired. I’m staying awake to have injection in a little over an hour. Missed it yesterday as fell asleep. How are you?

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Hi Lowri, I’m meditating on the meaning of fantasy, delusion and manifesting reality, what is the difference and does it pay well;?;

I’m great. I just woke up. Bright eyed and bushy-tailed. I have hours to myself to listen to music and chill before I have to motivate and the coffee is great.