Anyone Anafranil experiece?

I just slept all day for last five days.Only this pill helped my mood.I was on the edge.It helped me.Do you have experience with it?

adrafinil gave me high blood pressure in 2 days. so i stopped it

It’s not the same medication.

ah gotchya , didnt realise that

My anafranil experience was in the early stages before I was first hospitalised ie between autumn of 73 and May 75 . Hard to remember apart from fact things were going to hell in a hand basket .

I was on Anafranil 11 years ago and the side effects were horrible. So my psychiatrist changed me it for Citalopram.

Were problems started immediately or after.

Immediately. I started to gain weight so fast and I only wanted to sleep.

Strange to me,in fact I overslept this week,and when I took it,I felt positive energy.Woke up earlier had a shower,go out.It was impossible for me these days.

I seem to remember I gained a little weight.

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It’s like all medications. For some people it works, but for some people it doesn’t work.