Anyone afriad of getting hurt verbally?

Sometimes,I stop approaching people because I am afriad of getting verbally hurt or judged…my case manager says it’s social anxiety,the problem is I don’t know what to do with it

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I’m always fearful about rude people and getting yelled at or judged. I hate seeing people I know while I’m out and about.

I got put on Xanax for anxiety. Now I don’t jump out of my skin so much.

@SurprisedJ,can i know how did you take the xanax?take it when necessary or daily like antipsychotic?

I take it with my morning meds and one at mid-day. In the evening, I’m pretty calm and at home and feel much better so I don’t need one then.

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Yes definitely, I still can’t shake off the memory of the bullies over 40 years later…

I have learned not to care about what people say to me. They have called me in names such as zero, nothing and so on. I just ignore these people.

I have learned to be assertive when challenged, having been shy for the most part, until someone crosses the line, then I’d snap and attack verbally back.
My favorite thing to do when someone gets outta line is to just stare right at them while saying" you’re being RUDE!, there is no need to be RUDE about it"
and just watch them wither.
I don’t back down.

I was bullied quite badly at school and my voices are also very critical so I fear very much so being judged, shouted at or attacked, I want very much so to be a part of things but fear it so much and create many scenarios in my head as to what could happen I find it safe staying at home but I’m trying to get more out there but am trying to keep my mouth shut, I fear so much what people think of me it’s disabling and stops me functioning. It doesn’t help that now I’m so socially awkward I’ll wind up judged anyway. You’re not alone, my nurse tells me with practice it’ll get better, but I suppose the only way is to find out. Good luck, you’re not alone!

Take care,

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I don’t really care what most people think of me tbh, unless I’m having a mangy day and haven’t had a shower for 2 days. Then I’m bothered, but what they say doesn’t phase me on any other day. Only a couple of weeks ago I had a stand off with a driver who drove in the exit as I was driving out. I just swore a lot and lent on the horn till he reversed out of the way.

He must’ve called me every name he could think of, screaming at me but I didn’t budge. I wasn’t going to let him intimidate me into moving when he was so clearly in the wrong. It felt quite exhilarating actually.

I have the problem of verbally and physically fighting back. I would have gone to jail if it werent for my status of “psychosis NOS” after I assaulted my friends when I was incredibly drunk and also unmedicated over a year ago. Someone must have said something to piss me off, I cant remember the whole thing too well, but I was a happy drunk all of the other hundreds of times I drank. I remember my friends brother said something that pissed me off one time, I was drunk, so I threatened him and he said “Im not scared of you” and I calmly whispered in his ear “You should be.”

One insult usually makes me unleash a barrage of insults and threats, and if someone were to touch me, they would end up permanently ■■■■■■ up, I’m a powerlifter and have three belts in Krav Maga. No one has ever challenged me to a fight in real life, not since I was 13, and that stopped when I waited for the worst bully to walk out of church, then punched him down in front of my whole class (I went to a catholic grade school). He didnt have a chance to fight back, I just beat the ■■■■ out of him. I remember getting a running start, punching him in the temple, he went against the wall, then i punched his face repeatedly until he cowered, then i kicked the back of his leg, then i punched the brick wall. My knuckle is deformed from it, its ossified and lumpy, bigger than my other knuckles.

Ah, such a sweet memory.

My evaluation came out as me being in the 75th percentile for psychopathic deviance, it is a fact that I am a psychopath, just not a complete and utter psychopath. I am sexually manipulative (I get people to do what I want them to, it just happens) and aggressive, I am now a competitive powerlifter, used to be a martial artist, I was pretty brutal with people my size (I usually just tackled them, picked them up and slammed them, then I got on my knees and punched them in the face to break their morale) and was a clever little demon fighting people bigger than me, I used fancy moves on big guys.

Basically, no, I don’t really have enough feelings to get hurt, no matter what people say, I still think that I am better than them. The only people I feel inferior to are combat veterans. If one were to insult me, I would just take it. I respect people who have killed other people in war, but not as criminals. I respect them more than martial artists and powerlifters.

I know I am like the poster boy for recovery and insight, I am fully recovered and studying psychology on a full scholarship, but I have some problems that I live with. I used to be a pretty ■■■■■■ up person. I just know that I am ■■■■■■ up and find healthy outlets. But I need to quit getting this guy to cheat on his partner with me, thats bad (Im bisexual)

I’m the biggest bluffer in the world. I go all over the place but anyone can hurt my feelings. But I get around despite that. I’ve always been this way.