Anyone abstain from listening to music to enjoy silence?

Gonna start doing this to achieve a number of things

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No, I abstain from silence to enjoy music.


You don’t see value in fasting at all? You abstain from eating cause you enjoy food. Gluttony is a deadly sin. Not listening to music is just fasting for your ears. I hope to achieve something spiritual. If you don’t find value in this, GL, but Remember, rest is extremely important The absence of sound is equally as important to the presence of it

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Lets really not bring religion into it @Naek . We don’t discuss it here, one way or another.


Sounds boring.

I save masturbation for that.

I have severe tinnitus - I will never experience silence again in this lifetime.

I love my silence, but I will still listen to music.

Either way is fine. Sometimes silence, some other times music. Works both ways.

I definitely enjoy thr silence sometimes. Other times music. And also thr background noise of a show playing on repeat in the background. I like modern family and masterchef for that, lol

I don’t believe in abstinence. I do, however, play different styles of music for reading books than car trips or cleaning, though. Book reading music is pretty mellow and consistent, no major crescendos or anything of the like. Car trip music makes me want to sing along. Cleaning music is upbeat. But abstain? What type of lady do you think I am?!?!


Yea I like my silence too. Music all the time would drive me insane.

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I like silence
and i like music.
I need both


I used to listen to a podcast every morning. But now the noise bothers me. So I prefer quiet mornings.


I absolutely love silence and, when I do listen to music, it must be soothing piano, guitar or flute. I cannot take the discordant sounds and beats of hard rock/heavy metal, or rap, they jangle my nerves terribly.

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