Anybody suffer from major depression

I have sza and part of it is severe depression. Lamotrigine helps a lot with this so I haven’t had severe depression in a year. Last time was Sept - Nov last year after lowering lamotrigine dose too much, and stress. Almost landed up in hospital

I suffer from major euphoria. I feel so euphoric and happy all the time

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I was never like this but after my relapse I became very depressed. I got prescribed Wellbutrin 100 mg for it and have been doing really well. I still have some days that I get depressed and have low mood but I try to push through and know that I’ll get another day soon.

I believe people that have Schizophrenia suffer from depression as well which a lot of people post about on this forum.

I don’t have depression and have sz. Negative symptoms of sz aren’t the same as depression.

I have serious depression as well as sz. It’s common for sz.

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Which thoughts? My mind is empty.

I don’t feel sad or hopeless and 8 psychiatrists didn’t diagnose me with depression.

I mean your previous suicidal incident. Not able to mention as constantly posts getting flagged.

It wasn’t really suicide. I tried to kill myself to prove that I am Jesus and voices told me to too.

Yeah, I have mjor depression too. Been suicidal several times unortuneatly. I feel that sz and depression went hand in hand for me.

Yes that thought is what i am mentioning about. I mean your idea that you are him and again the idea to prove it.

Its not depression and not suicide…

That thought is a positive symptom of sz, an extreme one.

Its a delusion.

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I have bouts of severe depression. When I’m out of them I’m always anticipating the next one. Also my old AP, risperidone, made me horribly depressed on its own and a switch to Geodon has leveled me out considerably in that regard, thank goodness.

I suffer from major depression, nothing ever really helped with it!

I’ve suffered from Major Depression for years. I take Venlafaxine (Effexor) for it. It has made such a difference to my mood.

Sorry to hear that. Are you happy about receiving ECT?