Anybody suffer from end stage schizophasia what’s it like

Pretty much what the title says

Someone suffering from serious schizophasia would be unable to communicate what it is like. I would suppose they would also be too disorganised to participate in this forum.


I doubt the disorganized part since in many articles it states that they’re conscious

Of course they are conscious, but their thinking, their logic, is different, and probably unique to the individual.


But when they say conscious they mean they’re aware of what’s going on

I have 2 friends on clozapine, one constantly thinks his sister is bullying him while the other thinks NSA is after her

Dude you are awesome man thank you so much

If you want to read those articles there’s some sites that allow you too like sci hub or libgen

I use sci hub regularly.

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If it wasn’t for my hypochondriasis I wouldn’t be reading so much what pushed you too want to read more scholarly articles??

Mostly curiosity.

@firemonkey I got a news the other day from my disability community that researchers found a possible treatment for ALS/PLS/HSP, which can be beneficial for nerve degeneration. This may also benefit some people with organic brain diseases.


Sounds encouraging. Thanks for mentioning it.

Is it nurown by any chance??

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