Anybody sometimes sleep loads when In the middle of a psychotic breakunwell? i can hardly get out of bed

II don’t seem to have soon drag myself out of bed… Having a minor episode with home treatment instead of hospital as they do in the Uk
only on the second day

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I feel ok mentally, but I’m super tired today. I just want to go back to sleep.

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i slept 6pm - 9 am
and now 1-4pm
i stumbled round the park with mum and dog that’s it
Is that unusual
everything seems to be

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When I was on Haldol I had a very hard time getting out of bed. It was total creature comfort, and total mental despair.

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it’s difficult to explain… I seem to be up all night or sleeping all day outside
I’m in the middle of a minor psychotic break is it unusual for during a psychotic break
I can hardly move
All I remember is the up

If you feel like sleeping, then go to sleep. It’ll probably do you good.

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Best way to recover is plenty of sleep, in your own surroundings like at home.

When im ill - i will dose myself up on Quetiapine and stay in bed. Ive got the tv and computer nearby so ive got things to keep me occupied.

Hospitals of any description just makes me worse - and thanks to the shortage of beds in the uk, im always left at home with a visit now and again from a cpn. I dont actually think im ever that bad to warrant being an inpatient anyway.

Sleep does you Good.


thank you Seth
that makes a lot of sense I know that my sister used to spend a lot of time in bed
but she was extremely unwell so I think that might be a bit different
well I’m like this mum is helping a lot
it’s good to spend a couple of days away from my husband for a change
although I don’t mind being with him either
I like it
I agree I never want to be in hospital again I haven’t been in for 15 years and this is my first home visits with hospital it as an alternative
going to play it as it happens I think
I was extremely well that nine months in hospital I really need it then
I’m nowhere near that bad at the minute


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