Anybody seen this movie 'Pi', it is a great movie

In the end the brilliant mathematician drills a hole into his head …self-lobotomy

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Many moons ago i watched that movie.

I have no opinion on it.

I watched it a very long time ago…doesn’t he give himself a trepanation with a power drill at the end? And can no longer do all that math in his head? Ha.

i’ve seen it. …

I saw it, didnt like it. I dont really even like the movie “A beautiful mind” because they just made ■■■■ up. “Angel baby” is the best schizo movie, its about a schizo couple in Australia set in the 90’s.

Pi is the from the same guy who did “requiem for a dream” it’s just too intense for me. I can’t do it.

Saw it some time back. Thought it was a decent thriller, especially considering how it was made on a shoestring budget. It’s a film I’d be hesitant to recommend here because of how it will feed into the delusions of many of the regulars.