Anybody seen the movie?

Godzilla vs king kong

Spoiler alert…who wins?

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Punk vs Hippy xxxooo

Why don’t we have vaccumcleaners making rock n roll roll noises instead of trashmetal ?


Is trashmetal a dirty genre?

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No its called music. I ve been to a trashmetal concert in Germany. They played with grinders, chainsaws, jackhammers and such with a drumbeat. Never again.

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I’ve never heard of this movie!



I love that. I have seen Einsterzende Neu Bauten live way back in the day. They used grinders and stuff. Was unfamiliar with the term Trashmetal but makes sense. Neu Bauten was a surprising lyrical and melodic concert.


I’ve seen Einsterzende N.B. live before too!

It was an insanely good show. I talked to one of the band members after the show too. He was a super nice and down to earth guy. :slight_smile:

They played that night with some metal bands, Soylent Green and the band that used to be named Isis.


I can’t remember the bandname. I briefly hanged out with them.

Anyway, i gonna play trashmetal remix with my powerloudspeakers and vaccum. Trashmetal at its finest. :crazy_face:

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Sorry @Montezuma Just had a friend drop through for a chat. So cool Neu Bauten are so good…that is so cool and I’m Jealous.


For those who are interested…Disobey…It’s a law!


I can’t disobey Google. Its out of my control. Untambenable. It plays love songs no end.

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