Anybody see this?

Noveto Audio Technology works using non-audible acoustic waves and beamforming, placing the audio just outside the user’s ears. The acoustic waves are pushed into the air via the Proprietary Noveto Transducer Array which is controlled by Noveto’s patented chipset and software. From the inside the Proprietary Noveto Transducer Array looks like many ultra-small speakers.

A 3D sensing module and camera built into the hardware locates and tracks the position of your ears in real time. Move your head in any direction and the two sound pockets will follow. The sound can be heard as normal acoustic waves without disturbing people nearby. Additionally, the technology is capable of creating 3D spatial sounds and can place sounds anywhere in space regardless of head movement.

I remember seeing something like this on the tv years ago. I think the issue with it is the sound is “tinny” because they can’t transmit lower frequencies.

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Ca you explain?


Have you heard of these electromagnetic waves? Can they be ‘heard’?

I really hope this isn’t going in the direction I was thinking it might be. You aren’t believing that similar tech is responsible for “voices” are you?

Not at all, just heard of people complaining about such things.

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All I know is that they’ve been trying to get this going for decades, but it just doesn’t work well enough to be useful in practical situations. It’s more of a laboratory curiosity.


Does anybody know about infra sound?

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